A passion for chocolate

Chocolate has its own language. It creates sympathy, inebriates and connects the senses altogether. For over 60 years, creating these small, delicious connections is our job. Passion and intuition guide us along this journey through the taste. Modeling chocolate gives us the chance to create different paths every day, where the meeting between the flavors become an expression of an emotion to tell.


Every piece of chocolate hides a secret, a tradition that our family jealousy keeps since 1950. Each product is the result of a careful selection of the elements, an adventure that begins with the choice of high quality seeds and cocoa beans. Attention to the raw material, imagination, curiosity and continuous research are at the core of our mission  We love to create always new and refined combinations, so that each praline can give you a moment of irresistible sweetness.

Production and Technology

Magic happens when creativity and passion matches with technology. When producing our sweet creations, we use the most innovative technologies, essential to compete with an increasingly challenging market and keep up with the latest trends. Tastes change, and so do our products, designed to satisfy every palate. Our commitment and passion, thought, will remain an essential constant in our work.

International Certifications

Our work is guaranteed by the most prestigious international certifications, which add value to our products, each one made in accordance with the best high quality standards and characteristics. 

ISO 22000:2005

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Federal Drug Administration


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BIOS Certificate Authority

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 FLO (Faiftrade Labelling Organization) authorized

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BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

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